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  • Want to know you can trust a person behind an ad?

  • Looking for a good dentist or a responsible cleaning lady?

  • Provide services and want clients who won’t stiff you out?

  • Want to know you can trust a person behind an ad?

  • Looking for a good dentist or a responsible cleaning lady?

  • Provide services and want clients who won’t stiff you out?

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    Widr’s Chairman is named one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in 2019

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    Nearly 300 trades are listed on Widr

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    Widr is a secure social network based on trust

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    The app reinvents notion of a social network

How Widr works

It is so simple to connect to right person with your phone book. Widr brings everyone you need to your phone. Find right people as simple as if they were on your phone book.


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Let Widr see your direct contacts and automatically find their connections for safe and efficient networking!

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Our core principles



Everyone deserves a vast network. Whether you have studied abroad or have never left your hometown, Widr builds-up your network to powerful connections.



Networking is about success. Widr is a place where communications are turned directly into opportunities.



Encrypted data, safe in-app calls, strict ID-check and no-data-sale policy. We don't just respect your privacy - we protect it.

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  • Thanks Widr for helping me find quickly a tax specialist

    I needed to find a tax specialist in order to reread my statement. I was talking about it to one of my friends. Even though she didn't know any specialist, she suggested me to check on Widr. So I downloaded the app and made my request. In no less than 5 minutes, someone named Chloe gave me a name and a number. Next thing I know, I had my meeting with him scheduled !

    Fred Customer advisor, Paris

  • Thanks Widr for my trusted physiotherapist

    5 years ago I broke my ankle. Ever since, it never really healed properly, and was always a bit swollen, but that didn't bother me. However, I twisted my ankle recently and it hurt me for a long time. So I went looking online for a physiotherapist, but I wanted to find one I could trust. I came across this article that explained how to find a trusted therapist, and it suggested to download Widr. So I did, and my ankle never felt better !

    Natalie Director of operations, Strasbourg, France

  • Thanks Widr for my trusted baby-sitter

    After 3 weeks of researching a baby-sitter, I finally heard about Widr when my colleague mentionned that she found her housemaid in a few hours thanks to app. I tried it myself and it worked like magic ! I found my perfectly bilingual nanny for my 6 month old baby.

    Tilda Office manager, Kiev, Ukraine

  • Thanks Widr for my rearranging my schedule

    As a doctor, you easily find yourself having appointments in some specific time slots. Thanks to Widr, I rearranged my schedule and expanded my clientele. I used to have about 25% of empty space during my workdays. Now, I optimize every single minute spent at the office ! Thanks Widr.

    Mehdi Orthoptist, Paris, France

  • Thanks Widr for my trusted baby-sitter

    When looking for a babysitter, I was asking other moms around but but they needed their babysitters and there were no “extra” However, several girls mentioned that they’d found their nanny in Widr. I gave it a try and found our wonderful lady. She used to babysit my good friend’s daughter. That girl is now 13, so neither of ask thought of her. However, she was on my friends contact list and saw my request. How cool is that!

    Jenna Social Media Advisor, San Francisco, CA